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Active trough the winter

For those who prefer to relax, enjoy the tranquility and for the gourmets

Ready on the slopes and off you go! Easy or difficult: choose which slope you find best. On the slopes numerous huts will provide you with delicious traditional food to enjoy with your family and friends. For those wishing to explore the snow covered landscape the best way, to be closer to Mother Nature, is with snowshoes or cross-country skis. Fun with children? There is nothing better than ice skating on lake Resia - unique panorama included.

For adventurers

Is the slope too little adrenaline for you? Then the right place for you is the snow park in the Belpiano skiing area. Even sledding literally makes adventurous hearts beat faster. If you want to go closer to the sky, try a ski tour. During descent, you will have the opportunity to trace sinuous curves in the fresh snow. Kiting on lake Resia is also possible in winter, and through the element of snow, kiting becomes snowkiting: snowboard with kite.

Active trough the summer

For those who prefer to relax, enjoy the tranquility and for the gourmets

Take a pleasant walk around the natural lake San Valentino alla Muta or along the lake Resia. The cozy bars invite you to stop and enjoy a drink, while admiring the splendor of the mountains reflecting in the lake. The plateau offers the ideal opportunity for a run through the fragrant meadows and forests. The best way to explore the Val Venosta is on two wheels, along the well-developed cycle path. Do you prefer to go higher? Then we recommend an easy hike to one of the traditional alpine pastures to taste local specialties once you arrive at your destination.

For adventurers

An exciting climb to the summit? Go beyond 3,000 meters at the Ortles group, through adventurous fixed rope routes and glaciers. As a reward for the ascent you will have the best view of the Val Venosta and far beyond. If you want full speed, take get off on your mountain bike along the numerous down-hill trails through the forest. Or ride your motorcycle on the beautiful mountain passes through the area. Water is your element? Then try kitesurfing or sailing on lake Resia.