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Culture at the border of three lands


To relive the past of Val Venosta, you can visit numerous mysterious castles, majestic monasteries and other monuments that adorn the entire valley. In the local museums you will learn about the history of the region. Several testimonies of the past can be found in the immediate vicinity of the Hotel Panorama 2000 and are just waiting to be admired.

Numerous anti-tank barriers and bunker facilities along the border on the Resia Pass are still very well recognizable today. This extensive defensive line was built in the 1930s to protect against Hitler's invasion. In total, more than 60 plants were built. Today you can rediscover and admire them. Particularly noteworthy are the bunker n. 20 at the source of the Adige and the anti-tank barrier at Plamort (or in Italian “Pian dei morti” - on “the Plane of the Dead”).

The bell tower coming out of the lake Resia; what does it mean? In the 1930s, an Italian conglomerate announced their idea to create a 22 meters long dam, connecting the two natural lakes, lake Resia and lake Mitter, to produce energy. Said, done: the project was set in motion. 150 families were deprived of all their belongings. Today the bell tower is considered a silent witness to this terrible construction project and a landmark of the Val Venosta.

Above the village of Burgeis sits the Benedictine monastery Marienberg. For centuries, the monastery served as the spiritual and cultural center of the Upper Val Venosta. It is the place where agriculture has been revolutionized, unique documents have been collected and where the famous Val Venosta bread was baked: "Vinschger Paarlbrot". The entire property and its museum invite you to explore them.

  • Kirchtum im Reschensee


When the ski season is about to end, it's time to celebrate with an event of the extravagant kind. Every year the Belpiano skiing area organizes the three country competition. About 700 contestants participate in this international giant slalom. The event includes everybody that loves skiing, women, men and children.

In early June, at the "Green Days", numerous mountain bike fans meet up, to seize the opportunity of taking the newest bikes for a free spin on the trails. Four days of fun for young and old! The 3 nation bike race, "Dreiländergiro", which takes place in June, with departure from Nauders Austria, and the "3-Länder Enduro Race" in August, make cyclist hearts beat faster: during these two events, every centimeter of the bicycle offer around the Resia Pass are in use.

The annual race around lake Resia, in mid-July, is one of the biggest sport’s events in Val Venosta. For passionate runners, it is a unique experience to compete while being surrounded by such a breathtaking view. The fastest runners finish the 15-kilometer run in only three-quarters of an hour. Whether as a participant or as a visitor: the race around lake Resia is a unique event with an excellent all-round program!

The kite surfers among you can look forward to various kite testivals on lake Resia. Organized by the top brands in the kitesurfing scene, you are given the possibility to test the newest equipment. At the information stand you will receive tips and tricks and answers to your questions. Join many other kite surfers and share your experiences.